Maryland VOIP Phone Service


  • ThinkBig Networks uses its world-class, high-speed fiber optic  internet to provide Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) phone service at an affordable rate.
  • Enjoy unlimited local & long distance in the Continental US.
  • International calling packages available.
  • Keep your existing telephone number

This is the email that is sent to our customers when they show interest in VOIP services with ThinkBig:

Thank you for your interest in VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) phone service with ThinkBig Networks.  I’ve copied Jamie Potter on this email. She will walk you through the process once you have subscribed.  She can be reached directly at or by phone at 888-318-1372, option 1, should you have any questions.

As for the features you’ll receive with our residential phone service, you will find included the following:

  • Unlimited local and long-distance calling
  • Disaster recovery failover feature – failover landline number to a cell phone or
    another family member if there is an internet or power outage.
  • Call waiting
  • Caller ID
  • Voicemail support to telephone, email as attachment
  • Do not disturb.
  • 3-way conference calling
  • Optional analog ATA support to connect all RJ-11 jacks in home for traditional home phone.
maryland voip phone service

The install fee is a one-time $65 charge plus $15 to port an existing number. The service is $21.25 per month plus taxes and fees.  You can omit the $15 port fee if you wish to be assigned a new phone number for this landline.  This service is UNLIMITED local and long-distance calling.  If you have a need for international service, we have a plan for this as well — just let me know.

Please find below two links regarding our phone service.  The first link is for the digital telephone agreement for the service.  The second is for the port of your existing phone number from your current carrier to ours.  Please be sure that your “failover number” is a good working number in case there is an issue during the port process.  This is the number that your phone calls will be rerouted to in the meantime.

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