ThinkBig Networks treats every customer with the respect they deserve. We understand the urgency of your bigger, better internet connection and that’s why we are committed to providing our customers with top rated broadband fiber internet at a fair price. You can trust the reliability of ThinkBig Networks! But don’t take our word for it…Check out what our customers have been saying!

I just wanted to take a few minutes this morning to thank you for helping get connected to “Think Big’s” fiber optic network.

You may recall when we last spoke, I mentioned that during the month of September I had another internet service provider and that, just to illustrate how excited I was to get “Think Big’s” fiber optic service I said: “for the entire month of September that DSL service was UNABLE TO CONNECT to the internet EVERY DAY except for two (2) days and how exasperating it was because there are days when I am working on a project with a deadline only to find the DSL line will not connect to the internet.

Well this morning, I had a special request with a deadline. Must be received before October 4, 2022. Immediately I thought, “Oh no, October 4, I will never get it done in time.” Of course I had forgotten I now have your “Think Big” fiber optic connect to my computer. I couldn’t wait to get to the computer this morning. I am so happy to say that this project is completed and on its way. With just one attempt it was created saved and sent. It is actually completed and on its way.

I don’t know if anyone else can understand how great it feels to prepare a project with notes and diagrams, attach to an e-mail, hit SEND and it actually gets sent. It actually gets sent on the first attempt, without resetting a DSL box, rebooting the computer, retrieving the file with the attachments and diagrams and attempt to send it three (3) three or (4) times before it actually gets sent. I can’t believe how great it feels to know that the fiber optic line functions all day and every day.

The holiday season is a busy time for me. This year, it will not be as difficult for me to prepare the holiday projects because “Think Big’s” fiber optic service is not only reliable but it transmits data faster than any of the DSL services I have used in the past 19 years.

Thank You Elissa Bell and the Installation Crew for providing “Think Big” fiber optic service to us. I don’t really have the words to expalin to someone else what it is like to be in the middle of a work project and the “internet connection” vanishes in the middle of the project. Since connecting to “Think Big” that has not happened to me once.

– M. & B. Pumphrey

 I just wanted to thank you for all your help getting fiber internet to our home. It is literally a life changer for me as I am severely disabled. It allows me to have real telehealth visits when needed, provides the ability for my wife to work from home, actually access data in a meaningful way, discontinue satellite service.
On so many levels it is amazing!

– Nicholas Pilant

 Let me start off by saying I love my new Internet! For once, I’m not rebooting a modem once or twice a day as I was with my prior service. Everyone I’ve been in contact with during this process has been very informative and helpful. I would highly recommend Think Big to everyone!

– L. Larrimore

 Life changing! We have had our ThinkBig internet for two months and it has literally been life changing. We live in a remote area so quality internet is critical to our professional and personal lives. ThinkBig internet is fast, reliable and has an impressive range so no matter where we are in the house, or even the patios or by the pool, we have it. Also, the installation was simple and quick, and the entire team friendly, capable and professional.

– S. Gallindo

We are thrilled to have ThinkBig on Allens Lane in Rock Hall. In our home we have seven people — three adults and four kids: One of the adults works at home, and the kids often have homework to do online at home. We finally can all utilize the internet for important work without battling for bandwidth. ThinkBig has made both our work and our fun watching movies, much better and happier! Thanks!

– S. Schut

 We are so happy with our internet service, we are excited that we can finally stream television shows without it being blurry or skipping. My Zoom calls have been crystal clear with no dropped calls. We were very happy with the communication from you (Think Big) on the progress of the project as we waited for installation, we appreciated knowing when to expect the next phase of the work to continue. Our installation technician was very nice and patient, and did a speedy installation for us. He placed the wire and router exactly where we wanted it and even stayed to ensure my computer and printer were connected before he left.

– N. Fiorellino

ThinkBig made it a priority to work with the residents of Locust Grove to obtain a grant that would cover our area. We were in desperate need of high speed reliable service, and ThinkBig has delivered! Their bandwidth is fantastic, and their customer service was friendly and helpful. Our company has increased flexibility to grow and meet our clients’ needs thanks to ThinkBig.

– Locust Grove Studios

Thank you for all of your patient help in getting Huntingfield Road tied into the Think Big network. We finally feel part of this new millennium that requires so much internet activity.

The system itself meets every expectation, it even exceeds our expectations. We can’t believe the system speed and our ability to use multiple devices with no degradation of performance.

Altogether, your team is most patient and kind, they truly understand customer service and the fact that many of us have never seen this kind of technology, so thank you Think Big for that. We look forward to many years of smooth sailing on the network.

– P. & J. Cicconi

Think Big solved every issue and made sure the system worked in every room. Go TB!

– J. Margolis

We own The Inn at Huntingfield Creek with 5 rooms and 7 cottages. Before ThinkBig arrived we had site to line internet with 10-15 mbps. During the Covid summer we lost reservations because our guests were unable to work remotely. With the installation of ThinkBig we now have over 900 mbps in the Inn and all cottages, which were individually wired, have speeds exceeding 250 mbps. This has made a huge difference in the service we can provide our guests and we universally get a thumbs up. I would recommend ThinkBig to anyone that needs FAST and RELIABLE service.

– The Inn at Huntingfield Creek

NIGHT AND DAY. That is the difference in our internet provider before and after the installation of Think Big’s fiber optic system. We went from spotty reception from the “other guys” to “wow” with Think Big. Workers were great and the results are BETTER than promised.

– Dennis

Just wanted to say how grateful we are to finally be connected to ThinkBig’s network. All the employees and technicians have been friendly and polite. Our interior installer (Julius?) was so helpful in getting our devices online. And special thanks to Elissa for patiently responding to my weekly emails asking when, when, when!! So far everything’s working without a hitch. It took a while to get hooked up but in the end it was well worth the wait.

– Holly W.

Let me start by saying I wish I still had my Sales Company I met Elissa and she was so helpful in getting service Gor my Mom She went far beyond my expectations. In today’s Business climate to find professional people is rare Elissa is one of the rare ones Takes your calls answers emails and Takes care of Business Charles M

– Charles M.

I have been happy with the installation and the highly communicative and friendly customer service from every Think Big associate I’ve come into contact with from the field to the office. In particular Elissa has been timely and exceptionally courteous in her forthright communications and Dave in Tech Support who bent over backwards trying to help me with device support that didn’t even fall under his purview demonstrate to me that Think Big is a company that thinks big customer service is of tantamount importance. Thanks to all of you, David.

– David J.

Just wanted to touch base and let you know how wonderful the internet is at my house! Matt and Kenny were very personable! I just cannot believe the speed! Thank you for being honest on the updates of the scheduling it was so worth the wait!

– PH

Thank you so much for getting us installed today. Wow what a difference to what we had ! Loving it got all security smart devices up & running! Getting the Nest thermostat back on line before the snow storm was huge for us! Again thank you so much.

– CD

I just want you to know that Traee’ was wonderful. Professional, personable, patient, knowledgeable, efficient and just great. When I am ready for phone installation I would love for him to come back.

– MT

Good morning Judy just wanted to say how happy we are with the service provided this morning by your tech. Very pleasant and nice. Seems like you have some great employees! Thank you guys for getting high speed to the boonies! Have a great day!

– Gene

Dear Commissioners; I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your support to allow the Think Big network to provide us with fiber network for our internet service. We live on Breezecroft Ln. Just off Fairlee landing RD. We purchased our home several years ago and have always struggled with wifi and satellite service. This year I retired and we hope to make Chestertown our permanent home, that decision is now much easier with the the addition of state of the art internet service. The decision of Kent County to provide this valuable service to its residents will not soon be forgotten by those effected, well done.

– SA

Good afternoon, We wanted to thank Kent County for your decision to fund the FIBER Optic Network Expansion. We are in Fairlee and this connectivity has been amazingly helpful for us. My older son has been able to continue and stay on track with his college studies, while remote during the pandemic, as well as our younger fourth grader. No longer do we have zoom delays that can greatly impact the learning experience. My wife and I also are able to both work remotely now as well at the same time. She works for an international development agency, and I manage university faculty research agreements. Both of us have seen our workloads increase during the pandemic as our employers play key roles in responding around the world. The connectivity has helped us maintain our critical work at this time. We hope you are able to continue these efforts on behalf of more rural communities like Fairlee. Thank you again, J&L

— J&L

Good morning, Wanted say thanks, installation was fantastic. Love the access this gives us. Super excited to not to use my hotspot for internet service today. :-}} Wendy

– Wendy

We have ThinkBig internet service at our office and our house and their service is wonderfully reliable and super fast. Please contact Judy if you are interested in signing up.

– Cindy

Thank you for the update Judy:) the guys were just here yesterday to install the cable from the house to the road. Thought I’d take a sec and let you know they were great! Very polite super friendly service:) glad I’m doing business with you guys! Hope to hear from you soon but in case not have a happy thanksgiving!

– Gene

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020, 12:28 PM William wrote to his Friend Bill: A very professional and accommodating Think Big tech (Eddie) just finished a walk-through of the property with me and is planting the flags to mark the install path now. William Friend Bill’s Response: William that’s great news and I expected no less. And you ain’t seen nothing yet, wait until you get that 1 GIG pipe going at your house!

– Bill

The installation of our WiFi equipment yesterday went very well. Ken was a knowledgable and experienced professional. We appreciated his work and enjoyed getting to know him! The internet and a new TV are a welcome change! The entire process would not have happened without the leadership and guidance of Judy Morgan!! Thank you for all your help in getting us in step with today’s technology!

– Steve

With this Corona and teleworking it has come at the right time. I would not have been able to telework and keep up with my job if not for think big fiberoptic option. It has also allowed us to video chat with no delay pixel picture and have been able to enjoy the grandchildren, my own kids and with one child in the military oversees has allowed us better connections to WhatsApp him and talk successfully. I love it. Still having trouble with 5g and my computer but oh well. Still working on telephone with my husband but hope that will come too. Thank you. Take care and be safe. Bev.


Last week I managed to damage the fine fiber cable inside my house (do not ask me how, please). I called Think Big and within two hours, Kenny, the masked technician, had come out, replaced the line, and restored our service. It was great to have such prompt service at a time when we were really relying on our internet for so much. Bill

– Bill

My wife and I live on Still Pond Road. In 2017, as soon as they finished laying the cable, we became an early subscriber to the ThinkBig Fiber Network. Prior to this the only internet service we could access was supplied by a personal Verizon MiFi 2200 HotSpot card. This was both costly and slow. It worked OK for simple laptop use but was never adequate for TV streaming or multi-equipment use. Access to the ThinkBig Fiber Network was transformative. They did an excellent job running the cable underground to our house. The technician who installed the router was great. We have 3 levels and he made sure the router was placed in the best spot to provide service throughout the house. We have no dead zones. He also did not leave until all devices we wanted to have wifi access were hooked up and checked for service. We currently have 2 laptops, 2 cell phones, a home security system, and 3 streaming TVs working concurrently without any problems. We find the network very reliable and cost efficient. Prior to ThinkBig hook up DIRECTV supplied our TV service. We were paying approximately $160/month with frequent cost increases and diminishing TV shows worth watching. Now that we stream, we pick what we want to watch not what DIRECTV sells as expensive packages that we must buy to watch a specific show. Streaming has offered significant savings and without ThinkBig it would have never been possible. We have never looked back. In conclusion, we highly recommend ThinkBig Fiber Network.

– Ralph

More feedback from an ONLINE SUBSCRIBER in the Orchard Hill Community!! “I wanted to share feedback on how well our installation went. Ken did a great job! Professional and meticulous in his work. I was completely satisfied with his customer approach. We are all enjoying the service. Thank you! Jim”

– Jim

Dear Judy, just to let you know we are up and running……welcome to a new world!Ken did a great job, was professional, polite and efficient!We are ready for your phone service.Wallace

– Wallace

We have been very pleased with internet speed and telephone service from ThinkBigsince August 2018. We recently had a telephone issue and Judy was able to walk methrough the steps to correct the problem without having to send a repair technician.Turned out the problem was our own fault ( Ethernet cable unplugged) and she was very professional and pleasant.I would highly recommend ThinkBig internet and telephone service to anyone in theirservice area. Very reasonable price and awesome customer service!

– Bette Fitz

I wanted you to know the two men who ran the cable to the house were extremely professional and are a great asset to your company. I was very impressed with them.

– Charles

Ken just left. I just wish to note for the record what a delight Kenny is—professional, on-time, and plainly extremely good at what he does. I very much enjoyed working with Kenny and wanted you and the ThinkBig organization to know what a keeper he is. Thanks! LYNN L.

– Lynn

FINALLY…incredibly fast internet has arrived. The install team was great and efficient. They also took the time to explain several aspects of the new internet and additional options that were available. Happy Campers here today! Paul and Barb

– Paul

My wife and I feel set free! We’ve gone from the shackles of satellite internet speeds and data limits to hyperfast response times with no limits! Dan and Sylvester intstalled our link today and we are like kids in a candy store! Our neighbor says it’s akin to the old Memorex advertisement where then guy is sitting in his chair being blown away by the sound. And that is only after 3 hours! I am an old IT guy and had a Rube Goldbergian network setup in our home and Dan diligently and patiently investigated the situation and quickly resolved our issue around our Sonos system and now the music flows from the Web like the waters at Niagra! What a great bunch of guys–very professional and very courteous. You guys are the best!

– Jim Reeves

Cathy and I would like to thank the Kent County Commissioners for having the foresight to pursue and invest in the FIBER PROJECT for KENT COUNTY. Also to Shelly Heller, Scott Boone and the many other County Employees who worked very hard to bring this to where we are now. I saw a post on the internet in reference to the Kent County Fiber Project that simply stated “It’s amazing what a difference a year makes” And I say AMAZING NO, MIND BOGGLING is a better definition for me. I spent 36 years working in the Telecom industry. FTS and its partners has designed, permitted, placed, spliced and put in service a network in a year. The general public doesn’t understand what it has taken for FTS and its partners to have accomplished this in a year. I am here to say I do! It really BOGGLES my MIND when I think about all of the pieces of the puzzle that had to come together for me to have FIBER to my HOME with Internet Service from ThinkBig Networks in a year’s time. WOW you and your team have done a FANTASTIC job! For those who don’t have access to the fiber yet I can say it will be worth the wait!! I do hope that you use the phrases I first coined at the ThinkBig presentation in Betterton and again at the Kent Community Breakfast Group yesterday. This was a running joke before I retired from Verizon that FIOS stood for Forget It On the Shore. And FTS stands for FIBER TO the SHORE. You have done it! FIBER on THE SHORE! CONGRATULATIONS! And l can’t leave ThinkBig Networks out of the equation. They too have assembled a GREAT team as well. I never imagined that when Cathy and I went to the ThinkBig office to have our signed easement notarized that we would have service installed in less than 2 weeks afterwards. Judy called me to say that FTS had called Miss Utility for a locate at our property. And the fiber could be trenched within 4 days. Sure enough Miss Utility came to locate the facilities and FTS was there doing their site survey at the same time. I discussed the fiber installation with David Insley, VP FT and Andrew and we came up with a game plan that was amenable to all. Andrew returned, placed the fiber as discussed with no problems. David and Andrew returned to splice the FIBER in the hand hole and mount the NID, splice the fiber connector and test the signal strength which was good. On Wednesday March 8th @ 1:00 pm we were scheduled for our installation. A little early Daniel the ThinkBig Technician arrived to begin our installation. As I stated above I retired from the Verizon and was an installation Technician. I met Daniel, we discussed his part of the install and I was very impressed. I had some thoughts on how to do the installation and we were on the same page. He completed the installation in a very professional manner both technically and as a representative of ThinkBig Networks. Cathy and I being natives of KENT COUNTY can’t remember the last time we could boast we had access to something in KENT COUNTY before many other locations. Again thanks to everyone who had a part in making this happen. This investment in the FUTURE of KENT COUNTY will not and has not gone un-noticed!

– Cathy & Bill Clark