1. Signing up for ThinkBig Residential Services
  • Follow the link to the ThinkBig Order Form
  • Enter a valid mailing address, email address, and telephone number
  • Designate the type of Internet Service you desire.
  • Designate if you want to include phone service
  • Designate if you have been referred by a current ThinkBig subscriber and if so include their email address

In addition to the online form, you may submit an order to ThinkBig by mail by mailing the completed order form to __________________________

Upon receipt of your order, ThinkBig will contact you as to whether your address is currently in one of our service areas. If your address is in a service area, ThinkBig will schedule a site visit to determine the optimal path to construct the customer connection.

For addresses not currently in the ThinkBig service areas, you will be provided the option to pre-register your interest to have ThinkBig in your area. ThinkBig utilizes this information to help determine which neighborhoods are next in line for ThinkBig services.

Incentive for pre-ordering?
Beyond increasing the demand for your area, pre-ordering gives you a free standard installation when we do expand into your neighborhood. And a month of free service!

2. Refer a neighbor

ThinkBig wants your whole neighborhood to ThinkBig!

When you refer a neighbor to ThinkBig we will reward you with a free month of Internet service for both you and your neighbor.

To qualify, simply share the email registered to your ThinkBig account with your neighbor to include in their ThinkBig Order Form

When your neighbor signs up with ThinkBig, we will make sure to apply the discount to your next billing cycle and your referral’s second month of service.

Note: All new account promotions with ThinkBig are applied to the second month of service.

3. Early Termination Fee from your current provider
Is an early termination fee keeping your from Thinking Big about your Internet? We are here to help. ThinkBig will cover the cost of any early termination fee, up to $350! Here is how it works: When you successfully sign up for ThinkBig service, and you are contacted by a ThinkBig representative confirming your successful application, you will have the opportunity to share with them proof of payment of your early termination fee from your previous provider. Once ThinkBig has this proof we will cover this fee up to $350. The amount will be deducted from your Internet bill over 12 months. and we will take care of the rest