Frequently Asked Questions

ThinkBig Networks is proud to be serving Charles, Kent, and Queen Anne’s County, MD.  We are continuing to grow our State of the Art FIBER Optic Network within the State and will soon be expanding to Harford County. Our Infrastructure is delivering FAST RELIABLE Connectivity to Rural Under and Unserved areas in Maryland.

How fast is 1 GB Internet?
1 GB is 40 times faster than the national standard of 25 Mbps. That means you can download your favorite high definition TV show in seconds as opposed to minutes or even hours depending on your current connection.

How can I receive updates on progress in my area?
Follow ThinkBig Networks on Facebook or sign up via our contact form for email updates.

When will you be coming to my neighborhood?
Fill out the customer interest form on our website and let us know you want to join the ThinkBig Networks.  We will provide a reservation form link.

What is the installation process?
Prior to connecting your home or business, ThinkBig Networks will set up a time to meet you at your property. The ThinkBig Networks team will install a small unit on the exterior of the property with a wireless ready modem/router. Before the team leaves, you will have a live super fast broadband Internet connection. The entire installation process should take less than 3 hours.

How can I join the ThinkBig Networks team?
We are happy to talk to you about possible employment and partnership opportunities. We are growing companies looking to add interested folks to the team.

Service Interruptions.
In the case of a service interruption, ThinkBig Networks will work diligently to bring the connection back up as soon as possible. In the event of a service interruption lasting more than 15 consecutive days (excluding Acts of God such as severe weather, earth quake, flooding, terrorism, fire, or major regional telecommunications infrastructure failure) a current ThinkBig Networks customer may by written request to ThinkBig cancel their contract with no penalty.

Military Deployment.
ThinkBig Networks supports our military personnel. If you are deployed by the military while under contract to ThinkBig Networks, please contact us and we will work with you regarding your ThinkBig Networks contract obligations.

Moving – sale of house.
If you sell your house while under contract to ThinkBig Networks, you may terminate your contract with no penalty. Please submit a copy of your signed HUD document or other proof of sale to ThinkBig Networks when requesting this termination.