Maryland Fiber-Optic Internet Construction

We’re Building 100% Fiber-Optic Internet In Your Community.

Learn more about our construction process and how we bring highspeed fiber optic internet to your home.

Bringing Service to Your Area



Our team works with local authorities to create a custom design for each neighborhood. Most of our network is installed underground, and we work hard to conceal the limited above-ground equipment. We do this to protect the fiber-optic cables from weather damage and to minimize the need for maintenance.



The construction process includes the installation of underground conduit and hand holes in the public right-of-way adjacent to the road. We will place a notice on your door when construction is about to begin. Throughout the process we will provide updates via social media, email, construction signs, and on our website. If you have any concerns, please report it to the team for a speedy resolution.



Once the underground conduit and access vaults are in place, our construction teams will install the fiber-optic cables to the homes that have subscribed to our service and connect them together to create one seamless network. The network is then tested to ensure that it is up to our quality standards for speed and reliability.

Hooking Up Your Home



Once you’ve subscribed to our service, we will submit the proper locating ticket through Miss Utility to mark your property to avoid damage to your existing utilities.  Once we are cleared for trenching, our crew will be out to prepare your home’s worksite. They extend fiber from the right-of-way on your street (what was laid during construction) up to the side of your home. While other providers will simply leave the wire laying on top of your sod for weeks at a time, we bury ours immediately using a vibratory plow. Doing this protects your internet connection and keeps your lawn looking tidy!  There can be instances where we lay our line temporarily above ground to your home and come back to bury this to expedite your service.



The next step prior to the final interior installation is splicing.  This consists of a talented splicer fusing the hair-like glass fibers from the hand hole near your home to your NID (gray utility box mounted on your home during fiber installation) to bring “light” to your home.  This is a very complex process and sometimes our splicers must visit more than one hand hole near your road to provide your home with the correctly engineered signal.  Once splicing is complete, our project coordinator will be notified, and you will be contacted to set up your interior installation.



An installation technician will arrive to activate our fiber-optic network in your home. They do this by connecting fiber directly to an ONT (optical network terminal) which provides WiFi to the devices in your home. They will test the connection to make sure your speeds are as expected, show you how to connect devices to WiFi, and set up your ThinkBig Networks CommandIQ app so you can manage your services from anywhere!

Questions or concerns?

For situations requiring immediate attention



There are flags and people in my yard. What are they doing?
The ThinkBig Networks construction team is installing state-of-the-art fiber-optic internet in your neighborhood! During the construction phase, we will make every effort to not disrupt your yard. You can expect our construction crews to install underground fiber cables and access vaults in the right of way during daylight hours. This work will require digging access holes and directional underground boring to install fiber-optic cables. You may see painted lines and small flags in the grass to mark utilities. Please do not remove the flags! It is state law that they remain in place during construction. The paint is water-based and will fade away, and all flags will be removed when construction is complete. We will also reseed and straw any areas of your lawn accordingly. We appreciate your patience and understanding.
How long will the flags and markings be in place?
Utility locate flags will be in place until construction is completed on your street, then they will be removed by our crews.  Please do not remove the flags or markings! It is state law that they remain in place during construction.
How deep will you have to dig to bury the fiber line?
Our conduit is buried 36” in the right of way near the street. After you place an order for our service, an additional fiber-optic cable is installed between the street and your house. That cable is between 6”-12” deep.
How long does construction take?
The duration of construction depends on the layout and design of your neighborhood. Our goal is to complete the process as quickly as possible.
What hours will the construction crew work?
They work daylight hours, usually between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.
How do I advocate for ThinkBig Networks to become available in my neighborhood?

The best way is to submit a request! If you live in an apartment complex, condominium complex, or HOA community you can also speak to your homeowners or property association about adding ThinkBig Networks. Ask them to email our Sales Department at to get more information about adding fiber to your community.

Will my driveway be disturbed at all? How is fiber laid under it?
Your driveway will not be disturbed during construction. We bore underneath the pavement and ground so there is no damage to your property.