High Speed Fiber Optic Internet in Charles County, MD

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Nanjemoy FIBER Optic Backbone
Cobb Neck FIBER Optic Backbone

About ThinkBig In Charles County

ThinkBig Networks is building a brand new fiber optic network to bring fiber to the home connectivity to the areas of Charles County depicted in the maps above. The engineering, permitting, and purchasing for this major construction undertaking has begun. Residents will see the first “on site” work starting in February of 2021. The full project timeline continues for the next two and half years. To be directed to the Charles County website of this project, click here https://www.charlescountymd.gov/our-county/rural-broadband-in-charles-county

The Nanjemoy/Cobb Neck FIBER Optic Project is designed to be built in five phases and include Fiber Optic deployment in both underground and aerial (on utility poles) construction methods. The preferred method for deployment is underground as it provides not only a more secure environment for the Fiber Optic Infrastructure, but can be deployed in a much more timely fashion. Aerial deployment is planned only for those areas where ThinkBig Networks is not given permission via an easement to build the Infrastructure. If you live on a private road or a road defined as “roads of use” please contact ThinkBig Networks to provide an easement.

The five phases of construction define areas within the Nanjemoy and Cobb Neck areas of Charles County. The process of construction within each phase is the same and can best be described by the following actions:

1. Planning, Surveying, and engineering – Development of the most efficient and effective plan, specific to the phase, to deploy the fiber optic infrastructure.

2. Permissions to build:
a. Right of Way Permitting – Obtaining permits to allow for the fiber optic construction in State or County Rights of Way.
b. Easement collection – Obtaining the necessary easements from private landowners for the construction of the fiber optic cable.  Please contact ThinkBig Networks to provide an easement.
c. Pole attachments – Submitting applications for using utility builds for aerial construction of the fiber optic cable where private landowners do not provide easements.

4. Fiber installation :
a. Conduit is installed through directional bore and trenching.
b. Hand hole installation – buried boxes which will contain the necessary junction/splice equipment for the optical transmissions.
c. Fiber Pull – crews physically pulling the fiber optic cable through the conduit leaving slack coil in each hand hole.

5. Fiber Splicing- The fiber optic cable is attached, or spliced together, to create a continuous network capable of delivering broadband services. Splicing will occur at each Hand Hole.

6. Residential Drops – This is the lateral construction of fiber from the backbone to the individual subscribers home. The ThinkBig Networks team will work with each subscriber to determine where on the property the fiber optic line will be buried on the property. This drop will be trenched to the home terminating to a Network Interface Device (NID). The fiber optic line will be spliced into the network and tested for light. Once the light is confirmed, the interior installation will be scheduled – penetrating the fiber into the home and connecting to the Optical Network Terminal (ONT). The ONT is both modem and router and will provide a vibrant wireless network.

ThinkBig Networks is accepting Customer Reservations, if you are interested in service – whether you are within our current build area or not – please complete a Reservation form  to do so, please click here .