Construction Update

Thank you for you interest in the continuing growth of the ThinkBig Networks FIBER Optic presence.

With challenges each of us are faced in 2020, our efforts to bring our State of the Art FIBER Optic Internet services to more in need in 2021  remains steadfast.

We have completed several grant projects - ThinkBig Networks and Kent County contributed funding that the State of Maryland's Rural Broadband Initiative matched.  Residents who had little or no internet  (Pentridge, Quaker Neck,  Eldondo Acres).

We are building new Point of Presence facilities in Millington and Rock Hall which will further serve Golts, Massey and portions of Queen Anne's County, as well as more subscribers in Rock Hall and Eastern Neck.


We continue to welcome new businesses online and are continually reviewing our plan future deployments.

If you and your neighbors are interested in how you can assist in bring this Value Adding - "Future Proofing" - Infrastructure to your home, please reach out to

If there is a FIBER marker near your home and you want pricing - please also reach out to