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More feedback from an ONLINE SUBSCRIBER in the Orchard Hill Community!! "I wanted to share feedback on how well our installation went. Ken did a great job!  Professional and meticulous in his work. I was completely satisfied with his customer approach. We are all enjoying the service.  Thank you! Jim"
- Jim
Dear Judy, just to let you know we are up and running......welcome to a new world!Ken did a great job, was professional, polite and efficient!We are ready for your phone service.Wallace
- Wallace
We have been very pleased with internet speed and telephone service from ThinkBigsince August 2018. We recently had a telephone issue and Judy was able to walk methrough the steps to correct the problem without having to send a repair technician.Turned out the problem was our own fault ( Ethernet cable unplugged) and she was very professional and pleasant.I would highly recommend ThinkBig internet and telephone service to anyone in theirservice area. Very reasonable price and awesome customer service!
- Bette Fitz
I wanted you to know the two men who ran the cable to the house were extremely professional and are a great asset to your company. I was very impressed with them.
- Charles
Ken just left. I just wish to note for the record what a delight Kenny is—professional, on-time, and plainly extremely good at what he does. I very much enjoyed working with Kenny and wanted you and the ThinkBig organization to know what a keeper he is. Thanks! LYNN L.
- Lynn
FINALLY...incredibly fast internet has arrived. The install team was great and efficient. They also took the time to explain several aspects of the new internet and additional options that were available. Happy Campers here today! Paul and Barb
- Paul
My wife and I feel set free! We've gone from the shackles of satellite internet speeds and data limits to hyperfast response times with no limits! Dan and Sylvester intstalled our link today and we are like kids in a candy store! Our neighbor says it's akin to the old Memorex advertisement where then guy is sitting in his chair being blown away by the sound. And that is only after 3 hours! I am an old IT guy and had a Rube Goldbergian network setup in our home and Dan diligently and patiently investigated the situation and quickly resolved our issue around our Sonos system and now the music flows from the Web like the waters at Niagra! What a great bunch of guys--very professional and very courteous. You guys are the best!
- Jim Reeves
Cathy and I would like to thank the Kent County Commissioners for having the foresight to pursue and invest in the FIBER PROJECT for KENT COUNTY. Also to Shelly Heller, Scott Boone and the many other County Employees who worked very hard to bring this to where we are now. I saw a post on the internet in reference to the Kent County Fiber Project that simply stated “It's amazing what a difference a year makes” And I say AMAZING NO, MIND BOGGLING is a better definition for me. I spent 36 years working in the Telecom industry. FTS and its partners has designed, permitted, placed, spliced and put in service a network in a year. The general public doesn’t understand what it has taken for FTS and its partners to have accomplished this in a year. I am here to say I do! It really BOGGLES my MIND when I think about all of the pieces of the puzzle that had to come together for me to have FIBER to my HOME with Internet Service from ThinkBig Networks in a year’s time. WOW you and your team have done a FANTASTIC job! For those who don’t have access to the fiber yet I can say it will be worth the wait!! I do hope that you use the phrases I first coined at the ThinkBig presentation in Betterton and again at the Kent Community Breakfast Group yesterday. This was a running joke before I retired from Verizon that FIOS stood for Forget It On the Shore. And FTS stands for FIBER TO the SHORE. You have done it! FIBER on THE SHORE! CONGRATULATIONS! And l can’t leave ThinkBig Networks out of the equation. They too have assembled a GREAT team as well. I never imagined that when Cathy and I went to the ThinkBig office to have our signed easement notarized that we would have service installed in less than 2 weeks afterwards. Judy called me to say that FTS had called Miss Utility for a locate at our property. And the fiber could be trenched within 4 days. Sure enough Miss Utility came to locate the facilities and FTS was there doing their site survey at the same time. I discussed the fiber installation with David Insley, VP FT and Andrew and we came up with a game plan that was amenable to all. Andrew returned, placed the fiber as discussed with no problems. David and Andrew returned to splice the FIBER in the hand hole and mount the NID, splice the fiber connector and test the signal strength which was good. On Wednesday March 8th @ 1:00 pm we were scheduled for our installation. A little early Daniel the ThinkBig Technician arrived to begin our installation. As I stated above I retired from the Verizon and was an installation Technician. I met Daniel, we discussed his part of the install and I was very impressed. I had some thoughts on how to do the installation and we were on the same page. He completed the installation in a very professional manner both technically and as a representative of ThinkBig Networks. Cathy and I being natives of KENT COUNTY can’t remember the last time we could boast we had access to something in KENT COUNTY before many other locations. Again thanks to everyone who had a part in making this happen. This investment in the FUTURE of KENT COUNTY will not and has not gone un-noticed!
- Cathy & Bill Clark