About ThinkBig In Harford County

ThinkBig Networks has entered into a partnership with Harford County to use designated fiber optic lines on the Harford County Metro Area Network (HMAN) to provide broadband connectivity to the underserved  and unserved areas of northern Harford County. This partnership is a multi-year endeavor that will be built over several phases beginning this year. The first phase for this project will be the Northwest area of Harford County in the area of Norrisville. The project will continue for several years with a goal of providing fiber optic based broadband connectivity to a substantial number of underserved residents in Harford County. 

ThinkBig Networks Phase One

    Phase I in GREEN                                           Northern Harford County in BLUE



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ThinkBig Networks is accepting Customer Reservations for the Phase One area now (The area within the green box on the map above). If you are in the Phase One area and interested in service - please complete a Reservation form to do so, please click here.

ThinkBig  Networks will begin construction in the northwest of Harford County. Subsequent phases will be added to this network based, in part, on community interest. If you live in Northern Harford County and are interested in having this service at your home or business, please let us know by clicking and registering your interest below.

To provide interest in FUTURE service please click here

For more information on ThinkBig Networks' Harford County Construction click here